This obviously computer-generated image has been floating around on the Internet for several years. The body lines of the car better resemble a Dodge Challenger than that of a two-door Camaro modification.

A highly anticipated refreshed and upgraded version of the new Chevelle SS is poised to excite drivers when Chevrolet announces it next year. Rumors are swirling about this new car and Chevrolet is remaining tight lipped about it so, at this moment, we cannot verify its legitimacy or truth. The Chevelle SS will recreate a late sixties fastback for many drivers if a portion of what’s being written about it is true,
New Chevelle SS Poised To Excite Drivers

We have noticed several websites once again touting the release of a new Chevelle, and this time it’s a 2017 Chevrolet Chevelle SS. For fans of the Chevelle, this is a matter causing heated discussion. Some feel that the nameplate should not be revived, as they are full of nostalgia, and feel that the history of the vintage Chevelle should not be diluted by a new, 21st-Century version.

If there is one thing that is certain, nostalgia is very popular. The Big Three automotive manufacturers noticed that several years ago