1950 COE & Four ’56 Chevys

These cars have been sitting outside for a long time, and it’s fun to think of how they may have ended up this way. Retired ex-dealer with no garage space? Abandoned restoration project? Stashed by a disgruntled truck driver?

This 1950 Chevrolet cab over engine truck is sold with a car-hauling trailer and four ’56 Chevys. All are very rusty, but it’s hard not to be fascinated by this sale.  The trailer is a 1949 Whitehead & Kales, carrying a four-door hardtop, two-door sedan, and two, four-door posts.

Legend has it that this rig was parked in the 80s. Cars were not in great shape then. They said that the two top cars damn near fell apart as they were taking them off the top for transport, and when they replaced them on top upon arrival to the museum. They have no plan to restore it–will just stay as yard art, for now.